We have put together a suggested itinerary for a seven night hire taking in Murray Bridge, Avoca Dell, Greenbanks, Sunnyside and Mannum.

Day 1
Allow the first hour for unloading, completing paperwork and instructions with our qualified staff.  You are welcome to stay on-site at Riverglen Marina for the first night (or any other night) if you’re waiting for late arrivals or just need to chill out and get in the mood for some serious relaxation.  Alternatively, you may wish to get on your way and start exploring our wonderful Murray River. If you are running out of daylight or just want to travel a short distance, the closest spot available is at Swanport Wetlands (about an hour upstream from Riverglen Marina on the right-hand side as you travel upstream).  Further on you will pass Long Island and find Sturt Reserve (a further 20 - 30 minutes) at Murray Bridge. There’s plenty of mooring space here and easy access to restaurants and Murray Bridge Community Club  if you prefer to let someone else do the
cooking. Sturt Reserve is about 1.5 hours travel from Riverglen Marina. Another alternative is Avoca Dell, just upstream from Murray Bridge (about 2 hours from Riverglen Marina). There’s a large area for mooring houseboats in front of a public reserve.
Day 2
On your second day, travel further upstream past Greenbanks and Sunnyside – popular for water-skiing from the many riverfront ‘weekenders’. Further along there are extensive wetlands at Paiwalla Swamps. There is plentiful birdlife in this area for the avid birdwatchers – if this is your interest, consider hiring a kayak so you can really get up close. (Note; houseboats cannot be driven into backwaters). You will need to decide on whether you want to continue on to Mannum today or pull into one of the bush spots between Mypolonga and Ponde (we suggest 136km marker). Mannum offers museums – including the restored Marion paddlesteamer, hotels, clubs, cafes, bakeries, craft and secondhand stores for a browsing and shopping experience. A bush spot will offer a chance to go fishing or yabbying, bushwalking, swimming and birdwatching. Of course, all these options offer numerous photo opportunities.
Day 3
Travel on through Mannum, with its two vehicle ferries – be sure to sound the horn and wait for the green flashing lights on the ferries before proceeding through. Look for the black lava duct travelling vertically through the limestone cliffs just upstream of the 156km marker. You’ll pass more wetlands as well as Kia Marina and Greenings Marina. Onwards to Youndhusband and Teal Flat – where you start to see some serious limestone cliffs and may recognize some of the locations used in advertising. Find a mooring spot between Teal Flat and Bow Hill – great potential for magnificent sunrises and sunsets around this area.
Day 4
Last day of upstream travel. Pass by the many shacks at Bow Hill, a popular spot with waterskiiers. Call in at Bow Hill for fresh bread, milk and ice from the General Store. Continue on past the Chucka Bend cliffs to Purnong, where you’ll find another ferry. Cliffs line the starboard side here too, and are famous as habitat for the Murray Cod caught here by semi-professional fishermen in years gone by. Continue cruising to Walker Flat. Here you will find more shacks on
the left, with a long stretch of cliffs on the right. Another ferry and a nearby café that makes great coffee! Continue on or find a spot around Walker Flat for the night – great sunsets abound here
too. If you continue, you might like a spot out in the wilderness, with cliffs opposite – around the 222km mark is a good one. If you’re keen, you might like to continue on to Big Bend. Sunset is the best time here, but note that there aren’t many mooring spots.
Day 5
Start to retrace your steps towards Murray Bridge. Choose a different mooring spot to those you found on the way upstream. Enjoy a spot of fishing, bird-watching or bushwalking. Go for a swim in summer or have a campfire in winter.
Day 6
Make sure you spend some time exploring in Mannum, or maybe just have a meal at one of the pubs or cafes and give yourself a break from cooking.
Day 7
Cruise from Mannum to Murray Bridge (5 hours). If you didn’t eat out yesterday, make sure you do today. Riverscape restaurant and Murray Bridge Community Club are both located on the riverfront at Sturt Reserve. For a longer walk, you can find hotels, restaurants and cafes in Bridge Street or the Marketplace shopping centre. Take a walk across the bridge – the oldest bridge to pan the Murray and check out the adjacent Roundhouse historic building.
Day 8
Cruise the last hour-and-a-half back to Riverglen Marina.

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